Hi there? I am Mukami(20) and currently a student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Biotechnology at Kenyatta University. In addition to that, I am or rather have always been, a fashion and music enthusiast, a song writer and a singer (though i haven’t gained the courage to pursue my music dream); and finally I am charismatic in social media haha!!


The name of the blog¬† was inspired by simply my well known nickname KASH and my family name KAARIA. I think it’s ¬†amazing how you can simply get any kind of inspiration from the people around you, music, art and above all, nature. So for me all these pieces fit perfectly like a jigsaw and help me keep things in my life basic yet again glaring.

Case in the point, my strong interest in style lately led me to start this platform. I hope to inspire those out there embracing their passion and hence chasing their dreams, the girls still learning about their personal style, those in the university already embracing fashion and style and just like me are passionate about it.

I believe anyone can achieve an awesome personal style with an attainable budget. Basically I intend to post bits of all the inspirations I love!

So WELCOME to MY sartorial UNIVERSE!!!