Ultimate Impromptu Valentines :)

Just like this picture,I am guessing some if not all of you are not ready for valentines.Worry not,I am going to break down some impromptu ideas that could amp up your day cause you deserve it.A dreaded day,a day to look forward to or just a normal day!There is no doubt that Valentines is channeled differently among us.You might be in a happy relationship and you still have no idea on how to make this hallmark  holiday special for your loved one,you might be embracing the  single life but most of your friends won’t be around because they have someone so you aren’t sure what to do on this day,you might just see this as a normal day and carry on with your business but everywhere you go,the daunting lovey dovey couples all over and people selling flowers and chocolates will constantly remind you that “This is not a normal day”.So it’s in your best interest to put in some effort and make it special not just for someone else but also yourself.Here are some of the impromptu things to do on Valentines.

EAT:Something off your nom nom,try out sea food,go to a new restaurant (which reminds me),(“Eat out”)have amazing offers for couples so download the EAT OUT app and get on with it.

CALL:your other single friends and have a small party,play board games,go for lunch or dinner and celebrate being single.Call your parents for a date or enjoy your siblings company.

Drink:Some grande cocktails at Newscafe or Art cafe,drink some delicious caramel macchiato frappe at big square or their Sangria.Go for that happy hour after a long day..

DONATE:Clothes you no longer wear,food and toys to the needy.Spread your love to the less fortunate because they will also feel appreciated.

REFLECT:On your relationships,whether with your partner,friends or family.Are you in good terms with everyone you consider a loved one?if no,this can be a day to reconnect,buy them a gift,surprise them for a drink!Do something…

VISIT:A spa with your girlfriends,go for zip lining or car racing with the boys.Visit a new town,plan a get away to Naivasha.Just visit a new locale…..

WATCH:Black Panther.It is probably the most anticipated move this month so why not go with the hype and watch it?Watch An entire series.Yes,I mean binge-watch your favorite shows (kenyan shows on showmax or Funny youtube clips) with loved ones,have some wine,popcorn,do a picnic.Just have fun while at it…….

BUY:A new outfit,not necessarily for the day but a day like this comes with a lot of deals and sales,so take advantage.Spoil yourself.Get cool personalized gifts from (Timeless Gift shop at Garden city)for a loved one or Unique Gits at Two Rivers.Buy that bouquet of flowers and chocolate for her.It’s the only time you will walk around carrying them and she will unarguably feel special……

ENJOY:A good full course meal at restaurant like:;

1.)The Mayura at ring road near the Oval-indulge in some good Indian cuisine (YUM YUM)

2.)News Cafe in Limuru road or Sarit Centre

Urban in Westgate,village market or Two rivers

Both have amazing burger varieties

3.)Olpul Steak House at Two rivers-If you love some quality pork ribs and steak

3.Art Cafe-Go for happy hour after school or work, or have a pizza,pasta or a good gourmet burger.

4.)Nyama Mama-If you want to enjoy a really classy and mouth-watering Kenyan cuisine

5.)The Abor-If you want to Enjoy your meals in a relaxed ambience.

6.)360 degrees pizza on limuru road or waiyaki way

7.)Pizza Mojo-If you know me then you know how obsessed I am with their Pizzas,caramel frappe and a sangria drink.

8.)Osteria in Village Market-They have the best clams and pasta in town and i am talking fresh clams.(If you are into sea food try them)-The meal is called Linguine Vongole.

Thank me later….

DRESS:Simple,classy and elegant.Haven’t gone shopping for valentines?Not sure what you will wear?Mix and match what you already own in a way you haven’t worn  before!Something that will make you feel good heck even wear red (I know I would)and do not feel disgruntled whether or not you have a date.This day is about you too:)

Thank you for always stopping  by and i wish you all a happy valentines:)


21 responses to “Ultimate Impromptu Valentines :)

  1. I love how you have included all parties in this,i am actually now thinking of going for zip lining with my boys cause we all as single as hell and all our clandes are taken.Like our Anti love adventure day

  2. I will be watching GOT from season one with my single self lol😭😭😭Great post

  3. You look so lovely😍Is this your Valentines outfit?I am planning a get away with my boyfriend for 3 years anniversary any recommendations?Near Nakuru

  4. You have given me the umph of spoiling myself bana.This is so good kash so keep it up gal

  5. Sharon Mwendwa

    Cocktails at Seven’s lounge😍

  6. Am here for the food😍😍. Such a great post baby girl

  7. Gaaaaaaal,Spa date with Girlies it’s our Singles independence day.Love this post

  8. Black Panther will be lit though And I cannot wait aki

  9. Watching Sue na Jonnie😂😂😂

  10. Hit right on it. Donations and a recap of, be it a relationship with friends and or family members. Right. Got it, gal.

  11. Yaaaas my hands are featured !!!! And so are my babes!!! Plus my fave shoes !!! Amazing as usual mresh ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Hahaha yaani you were looking for your hands.I love you mamacita!!

  13. You know your are an amazing hand model lol

  14. Hahaha i looooove it..Best show in kenya

  15. Thank you Maya,haha hope you enjoyed

  16. Fooodie buddie..Thanks dear

  17. Eeeh is it form?take me take me please

  18. Spoil me to madam!wink wink

  19. Thank you.It was!!Hope it was a blast.Never gone for a get away in Nakuru

  20. Hahaha than you for stopping by

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