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Getting the right lipstick shade depending on your personal preference is a journey of all sorts,one that requires a lot of swatches.Sometimes it doesn’t go well because you can end up purchasing a shade you thought suits you only to find out it doesn’t.We love hues that arguably flatter the lips and are appealing to most people we encounter with.So how do you find  ”the one”?considering the vast number of shades coming up each day,it’s always good to have at least that subtle yet commanding lipstick shade that you will consider your go-to.I have recently discovered a brand @beautyclick254 who have very enticing lipstick shades of different brands and I gravitated more towards their NOTE ultra rich colours among others.I am into nudes,browns and pink shades which I think give the “pout feel”. Here are some of my favorites.


NOUBA no7-I Have loved this shade since 2016.

I mean you can never go wrong with a nouba because It deserves its own accolade.The fun fact is that @beautyclick254 have a 20% off sale running till Sunday.

NOTE;Hydra Lipgloss No 20

I am not a big fan of glosses but I got really drawn to this highly pigmented one.It is a look you can rock for brunch and get  your friends talking about it.

REVLON;Ultra HD matte(infatuation)

If you prefer a matte that will take you all day instead of a gloss,this will do the trick.

NOTE:Ultra rich lipstick No 7 (Hot cocoa)The intensity varies according to the number of strokes you apply.

I really fell inlove with this creamy nude lippie and ultimately how it accentuates my lips.Definitely a go-to…

REVLON;Colorstay overtime lip color

The lipstick you have can either make or break your look and I found this one really charming and can be a regular look.


REVLON; Ultra HD Matte (Addiction)

There is something girly in this pink shade that is addicting.

We used the NOTE Long lash Mascara which is just ridiculously amazing!!I have been using it for two weeks now and it truly does good justice to my lashes.

You can get all of any of these lippies or even better shades via @beautyclick254 using my code “kash” to get a 10% added discount to their 15% discount(25%) on any purchased item till next  this Sunday.The Noubas are going for 2320/=.So (CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING)

M.U.A-@DennisKaruri (IG)




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  1. Well, your lips look…😍😍😍

  2. You are truly beautiful

  3. I really love the nude on you

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