Cheap Thrills!


Well you know what they say,”One woman’s  trash,is another woman’s treasure” and boy did I get and utilize my treasure for its sole purpose when I recently went thrifting after a long while.It’s one thing to own new apparels here and there but the thrill comes when you get quality designer outfits that are exceptional when you go thrifting.This has got to be one of my favorite sorta monochrome ensembles because I scored the entire outfit for only ksh350(the sweater for ksh100 and the pants forh250).Yeah!unbelievable but true!I absolutely loved how the pants tread between the vintage and modern trend so no matter how you style it,it ends up look put together.After digging through cluttered clothes,I got other vintage gems and sweaters whereby in this case,ended up transforming a simple turtle neck sweater into a more fashionable style because the sun is finally out.For me,the major drawback of thrift shopping is gambling with the fit and hoping once I get home and try it on,the purchased item is the right size after washing it.My ultimate thrift shopping secret of all time is not not going to look for specifics cause it’s the thrill of hunting and getting something that would retail an arm and a leg for less than 500/= and you end up saving a lot.Cheap thrills,if I may say!

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Sweater and pants-Thrifted (Roysambu)

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4 responses to “Cheap Thrills!

  1. I love this.I am always thrifting cause i get unique things.You look amazing

  2. Lulu the designer

    I looooove this post… you look so beautiful boo…

  3. i will never stop thrifting.It’s the best

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