Sweater Splendor:)

Grounding today’s look,is a versatile,cozy chunky knit with my so trusty leggings.I don’t need to verbalize my love for knits and cardigans so here is a quick post on having pieces that are comfortable to don as the seasons change.The rainy season is gracing us with its presence so it’s time for some sweater splendor emergence and burst out from your stockpile.I always find my self gravitating towards intricate textures when hunting for sweaters so I bagged a couple of such sweaters that are warm enough to carry me through cold mornings and have a loose-fitting relevance hence breezy in case the day warms up.This is a look I pull off indoors by throwing on leggings to add on the comfort and also don to school if I throw on my palazzo pants.Ultimately,chunky is funky so if you don’t have a good number of staple sweaters,I suggest you do:)

Thank You for stopping by:):):)

Photography by;Mykal_O_Brayan










6 responses to “Sweater Splendor:)

  1. I have been following your blog and I really like your style Kash❤ ❤
    Could you go out with me and we shop together? cause I feel you can up my style a lot:):)

  2. we miss you girl and proud of what you are doing

  3. pauline gichuka

    You look amazing.I have so many sweaters and this weather adds on their relevance.love love

  4. Hahaha give me a date kababa..I am all in

  5. Thank you girlie..I miss you guys to (sobs)

  6. They never let you down…Thanks dear..

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