Beret life

Happy,Happy,Happy new month,I know how dauntingly quiet I have been but it is all for a good thing.I have really devoted myself to an upcoming project I can’t wait to share with you all in due time but for now let me sincerely apologize for the uncalled for hiatus.The only way to stay relevant in this journey is always taking a step back and focusing more on the quality rather than quantity something I have said over and over.So for today’s post,inspired by this on and off weather,we need outfits that can run through a chilly morning and fit in during the hot mid day sun.A sweater that isn’t too chunky but is just comfortable enough to warm you during the day.I good hat that will protect your head and at the same time make you look stylish.I am so thrilled to have adopted a trending accessory that has really featured in my recent ensembles so cordially.The beret!They are all over,crafted from different materials,in bright vibrant colors and the fun part is that if thrifted(like mine)You can score one for just 100ksh.I mean,depending on how you place it,this simple accessory can elevate your entire outfit from casual to edgy to vampy or to chic.I have always gravitated to outfits with fine details so this cut out shoulder sweater with a choker really thrilled me.Details!details!I kept it casual with my old trusty denim jeans and amped them with the knee-high heels that I looove so dearly.This year is all about keeping things simple with hints of sophistication.

On a side note,I am looking forward to expanding my platform so be on the look out for that as well.2018 is shinning too bright and I have all my fingers and toes crossed.Haha!!

ThankĀ  You for stopping by:)

Photography by;@Glaubenphotography(IG)


Sweater-LC Waikiki


Heels-Backyard shoez

Shades-Accessorize in style (Garden city)

2 responses to “Beret life

  1. Like you well put together look. Beret, where can i get one? thanks

  2. Thank you..I got it from Roysambu or Mutindwa

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