Kitenge Fervor

The cob webs here are daunting but I am still willing to scrape them all off and share with you if you don’t already know what I was up to the last 3 months.If you know me then you know I love seeking ways of expressing my unspoken thoughts and continue inspiring anyone the best way I can.I just launched my debut single called “Confuse You” and I underestimated the energy and focus on the entire process.Music has always been an endeavour I wanted to pursue at some point in my life,not as a career shift but have at least 3 albums out there in my lifetime kind of pursuit.This song basically embodies confidence and you can (CLICK HERE TO SEE) and possibly let me know what you think.

So in the midst of all these changes I did find it hard to balance everything so here is a short blog post about the outfit I actually donned in my music video and see how In my head I had an imaginary guitar singing along confuse you during the whole shoot with Mykal Obrayan.I wanted to channel our African kitenge style in a chic way and I absolutely fell in love with the double slit details in these pants and they come with a matching off shoulder top(both at 1500) but I opted to mix and match with this black top I got from Platform for only 150 (thank God for sales)which naturally added on the details and fit as the best companion.I will always enjoy dressing in cultural colors and my fervor of Kitenges keeps on growing because now unlike before,Kitenge designers are investing to create fresh urban looks and I love it!

I wish you all a lovely and productive week.

Thank You for stopping by:)



Kienge Pants-Jamia Mall

Top- Platform (Two Rivers)

Shoes- Back yard shoez

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