Trick Or Treat(Halloween Edition)

Creeping on you like>>Trick or treat,be so sweet!!.How’ve you been,this Halloween!!

I got the opportunity to collaborate with not only a blogger but a close friend of mine @napunyuleriari on this exciting Halloween edition.We are seeing an exponential growth in celebrating Halloween in our country.Halloween is the only commercial season where we get to mix our fantasies with reality and be whoever we want to be,so I saw an opportunity to get my creative sleeves on and play dress up with Nelly.I wanted a modern spin of classic character so I went for a witch and she went for a vampire.In order to feign believable personas,we had Dennis amp up our look the best way he can.Nelly pretty much looked menacing in person with all the fake blood and I loved how we both believed we were rivals at first and later on set our differences.Speaking of which she has actually written a tale about this edition in her blog (CLICK HERE TO READ).

Whatever your draw to this holiday is,at the end of the day we all need a good reason to adorn ourselves with outfits and enjoy this day.Whether its keeping it mysterious,exciting or spooky,Halloween is meant to be fun and this post  is all keeping your imaginations enthralled!!

Thank you for stopping by:)

Photography by:@Mykal_O_Brayan

Make up by:@_DennisKaruri

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Where to get the costumes and props~~~~~~~~
Fake web,fake spiders,wig,devil horn,fake blood-Toy world garden city

9 responses to “Trick Or Treat(Halloween Edition)

  1. Ey you went all out on this Halloween look❤.best look ever. 💯❤

  2. Shirleen Wanjiru

    Woooow!!This is my best post yet👏🏾👏🏾I almost believed you are a witch for a second kwanza there is a spooky one😭😭

  3. This is amazing😫😫Go kash and Napunyu

  4. Maureen kemunto

    This is great!how did you guys manage to get blood?

  5. ❤❤ that witchy look👌

  6. ken I wanted to scare you with this look btw haha

  7. hey maureen!we got them at toy world garden city.Its amazing

  8. Thank you kim..Means alot

  9. loool!The one i have fake spiders?That one also gets to me when I see it …Thank you for appreciating the post dear

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