Retro Craze!

So a lot has happened over the past week and I ended up drifting from social media and hence couldn’t post here but worry not,your girl is grounding today’s look with a favorite trend that has surfaced in the fashion industry.Admittedly,I was a little skeptical when I saw the corset belts taking over magazines and my favorite bloggers also embracing the trend into our market because this is a retro piece that was once worn as an under garment now being introduced as an accessory.I was a bit confused!But the thing is as time went by,I realized the look was flattering and it ended up garnering a nod of approval so I jumped on the bandwagon.I think getting one that is Ideal for your body type is paramount so that when you clutch in an oversized shirt like I did,a sweater or hoodie,you will always end up accentuating your waistline.

Photography by;Mykal_O_Bryan


Shirt-LC waikiki

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Jeggings-World business centre




5 responses to “Retro Craze!

  1. Maureen kemunto

    Love the post!where did you get the corset belt though?

  2. You look so pretty,I have been thinking of matching my corset belt with a hoodie as well but i am not sure about how it will look😂😂😂

  3. Keep it up mukami

  4. You are a beautiful Girl.❤️

  5. This looks very nice.The belt is everything

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