Easy Breezy:)

Happy New month!!The most anticipated holiday of the year is nigh and I am so excited to share this piece that is ultimately fun,flirty and is perfect for that holiday get way this festive season.

Inarguably,being a  jumpsuit fanatic, I’m always looking out for one-piece wonders that strike my right codes just like this one did.I got this last year in a random vendor in Italy and for some reason only wore it like 3 times before it went missing and I even forgot about it.I am glad I found it amidst my other crumpled up outfits and can’t wait to rock it because the weather has finally warmed up and part of me wants to be in the beach with this because it will definitely come in handy.I loved the print and the fact that it is versatile and can be dressed up as a top in case you are headed for dinner so you will still look chic.

Thank You for stopping by:)


Romper-Vendor in Italy

Gladiator Sandals-Thrifted


heels-Backyard shoes


9 responses to “Easy Breezy:)

  1. The romper😍😍😍😍Damn

  2. Beautiful!just beautiful

  3. I am going to coast this Christmas😂Can I just borrow it?Pleaaaase Mukami

  4. Your blog is really doing well.Congratulations dear

  5. Love This and InLove the romper especially

  6. Hahaha wow this a pleasant surprise.I never expected you to read my blogs mark..Thanks

  7. lol Judy the question is why are you going without me in the first place??

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