2016 Roundup:)


Sending biiig waving arms of Hello your way as you prepare to effusively say goodbye to this year.As I blow away the cobwebs of silence here,I do hope you all had a Jolly season:)

It is doubtless ridiculous that we are coming to an end of yet another great year.It has had its ups and downs but the fact that we have made it through,is amazing.I decided a good break was good for my soul and gave myself a blog-post-free-month (because I am boss here) but more so cause I needed time to reflect on what direction  I wanted to take this blog in 2017 and better yet create room for even better content for you guys.

I have devoted myself to share with you all that matters to me concerning the fashion and style world and I am so grateful for all the commendable support and encouragement from all over.I am happy that it is nearly a Year since I started and it has grown to be a space I  am always proud to say is mine.To you regulars,I thank you for never missing out on what I post and  to all those who have recently discovered this blog and shown nothing but appreciation for it,I am so grateful.As we eagerly wait for the end of the year,here is my last post of 2016 covering a roundup of looks through my sartorial journey.I will leave you with these questions.Which was your best style post?What do you want to see more of next year?Should I add a new segment Topic?What should I improve on?and lastly,Have you been Inspired?

I wish you all a happy new year!!img_0115








14 responses to “2016 Roundup:)

  1. I have been inspired with how your stylr has evolved.Definitely great content and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next year.Happy New Year??

  2. Such a booming success! ❤❤

  3. Maybe touch on mens wear?That would be a good challenge for you.Other than that.You have had a good year?

  4. Inget alot of ideas here tbh??You can add a tips segment that can be dope?

  5. Thank you Kendi I will not disappoint:)

  6. Aaaw thankies Mama..I love you

  7. Been thinking about it actually and haha challenge accepted.Expect something on mens wear;),Thank you

  8. Okay dear and thank you for the support:):):)

  9. Great job Mukami. Your style has evolved and it has been amazing watching the whole process through your blog. Best of luck in 2017

  10. Time really flies. All in all I’m so proud of you, keep up with the good work and always stay true to yourself.
    Accept constructive criticisms and brush off those who are just here to put you down.

  11. You are a living success Kash; Can’t wait for more in 2017

  12. Thank you Nelly and looking forward to working with you next year:):)

  13. Allie you have been such a wonderful support system love..Thank you for the kind words and for all the Positivity on my Journey<3<3

  14. Aaaaw Thank You Gidi:):)

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