New Year!Same Mantra!!

I honestly can’t believe we are already ringing  in the new year.(Gasp)2017 is over guys! I can’t help but feel like it went too fast.

I really love the sense of rejuvenation and self reflection that comes along with any new year and the fact that it is that night you get to dress however  you want as you usher in the new year.Regardless of where you celebrate this day,whether in cozy pajamas with close friends or out partying,New Years Eve is another special day to play dress up and have fun while at it.I am always in doors during this time of the year but if things change and I go out,I would totally don this dress that screams ultra fancy with adorning details.I wore it during Nairobi fashion week  last month and it got some pleasant remarks so I might just have it on Tomorrow.

Harking back to this year,I have inevitably encountered discords,lost important people in my life and have had my share of breakdowns.I have however also,hit 12k here,got nominated in the BAKE Awards after just a year of blogging and collaborated with amazing brands.I am so proud of what we have accomplished and I can’t wait to stride along a new path next year,one that inspires and encourages you to follow your dreams.As you resolve to be a better you next year,I hope as you bid 2017 farewell,you realize that every simple joyful moment  marked your days.I will cross over to the New year with the same mantra ”Be true to Yourself”..

So until next year,Thank you for always stopping by:)

Photography by ; Mykal_O_Brayan


Dress-LC Waikiki

Boots-Backyard shoes


3 responses to “New Year!Same Mantra!!

  1. You look very beautiful ..Big up

  2. I really love the dress btw.And I am sorry for the loss

  3. Happy New year Gorgeous!!Cant wait for more inspiration this year

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