Italian Days

I have been trying to get my ducks in a row by focusing on how I  can best relive my Italian days here on my blog.I also want to share with you guys  all the beautiful ingredients to one of the most unforgettable experiences that I will ruminate on through the coming years.

So I finally got the chance to visit my family in Rome,a pretty much Monumental city if I may call it.Monumental because it has these striking architecture and ancient buildings all to which are presented before you in a modern way.Sure it sounded fancy to me as I did my research before going but after immersing myself in it,It was simply life changing.The sun sets at 9 pm so we got to go for these beautiful evening strolls and I couldn’t help but find myself in awe.

With organised online tour bookings,I got to visit the Vatican City where In groups,we got placed with well-informed guides who made me feel like a time traveller as they keenly took us through the History and ancient art by some world Famous Painters like Michelangelo,Giovanni Baglione and Raphael among  others.We also explored on our own most if not all the  major sites and must visit places in Rome which luckily, are a walking distance apart .Other exciting activities included,Indulging in some of the Italian pizzas and pastas that left us come away wanting more,taking the most mouth-watering  flavours of Gelatos (ice-creams) in the many gelaterias ,going to an amusement park with great roller coaster rides and above all enjoying the black sandy beaches which was marvelous fun.If you follow me on snapchat(Kashkaaria),then you got to see all these live.It is with no doubt that Rome is a city that left me enchanted  and I can’t wait to go back.Here is a comprehensive list and some pictures of Places you just can’t miss to visit when you get the chance to go to Rome.1,)The Vatican City (Home to The pope) 2,)The pantheon ,3.)Colosseum 4,)War memorial  5.)Spanish steps 6.) Trevi Fountain 7.)The Palatine  8.)Roman Forum 9.)At least 4 of the 7 major churches 10.)The beach

Vatican City





Gallery of maps



St Peter’s Basilica Church


Sistine Chapel



At sun set


The Pantheon



Le’ Fam Bam inside The Pantheon


Rome War Memorial in Piazza Venezia



Spanish Steps (Via Del Corso)



Trevi Fountain(BEST)



shout out to my friends Justa and Flavia for such lovely company…..


Family and best company too..



Cinecitta World




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  1. ❤️❤️ Beautiful mama ?

  2. Thank you mama:):):)

  3. This is a lovely Article Kash.Keep up the good work

  4. Well put out indeed.I can’t wait to Visit Italy too

  5. Simply Beautiful

  6. Very nice and glad to have spent time with you in Rome. It is indeed and amazing city

  7. thank you so much love

  8. hehe glad i was of help..You should,it will not disappoint you

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  10. Aaah yes Aunty Jemimah..You were great company..Thanks

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