Dubai In My Eyes!!

Hello there,this post is definitely way overdue but my site has been down for reasons I will explain in the next post coming up tomorrow.Let me take this time to appreciate a city I set my heart on exploring for a long time and I happily ticked it off my bucket list last month.Dubai!My mom and I traveled together with a group of friends courtesy of @Bonfireadventures for the first time to seek new memories in this glitz and glamour City.Traveling with under a travel Agent proved to save time and money because Bonfire did all the bookings including an affordable hotel,and  a scheduled timetable of places to go which is usually frustrating when you travel alone in a country with no relatives or friends to accommodate you .We got to visit the main attractions and saved a lot of effort.Although we had fixed activities,we had 2 free days and I got to add on my personal activities planned as well.Here are 10 things we did in 6 days.


We hitched a ride on one of the boats and enjoyed live entertainment from the locals as we cruised through the canal with a magnificent view of Illuminated buildings at night.

2.Dubai City Tour

The architecture here is mind-blowing but it is hard to miss the mighty Burj Khalifa which dwarfs the towers around.All in all the city is very beautiful with a very modern touch.I got to watch the worlds largest choreographed dancing water fountain which was breathtaking.

Burj Al Arab Jumeriah-a girl with big dreams looking at ”The only 7 star Hotel” ..Palm Atlantis Hotel

3.Shopping Malls

Dubai is also known for its largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall) which you can spend hours in perusing the fashion avenues.I also got to explore the Mall of Emirates which is also beautiful.”Shop till you drop” became a reality but it was worth it.

Aquarium In Dubai Mall

4.Ski Dubai

Skiing in the middle of a desert was never in my bucket list but I added and ticked it because it was an experience I will never forge.Located in the Mall of Emirates,this is a place you don’t want to miss out when in Dubai and the best part is that I got to snow board and interact with the most adorable penguins .This was blissful.

5.Desert Safari

Outside the opulence and development of the city lies the Arabian Desert and we got to witness the exquisite glory of the desert.The largest part of this expedition was the ‘sand dune-bashing’ where you somehow surf with a 4×4 car across dunes which is a half an hour adrenaline filled experience that is death defying and exciting all at once .This was probably my moms worst experience and nothing short of an adventure haha,one she promised never to do again no matter what.I enjoyed it and this is an activity you also can’t miss out on if you love adrenaline fueled activities.We then soaked up the impressive sunset and retreated to a BBQ feast under the stars.Magical!!

6.Abu Dhabi City Tour

We took a two-hour drive to the capital city and the largest of the UAE’s seven Emirates with a tour guide who helped us get in touch with the local culture that isn’t really seen in Dubai.The architecture in this city is equally mindblowing and I managed to capture my favorite unique buildings.


Also got to visit a small village in Abu Dhabi.

7.Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This was Probably my biggest highlight during my trip because I witnessed the true Arabian splendor in this Mosque.UAE is proud of all its accolades and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque adds on having the largest hand-knotted carpet.It is free for visitors to explore the mosque but we had to adhere to the strict dressing codes because there are outfits considered to be inappropriate if not illegal and thus we got garments(abayas) to cover us from head to toe.Just like the Vatican,I can’t even describe how beautiful this place was.

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