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Mellowed Out!

Hello!Hoping your week got off to a great start and bringing you closer to your dreams.My blog has been down for a while but I am inarguably grateful for your patience.Here is a quick yellow mellow post! Continue reading

Dainty Pleasures


Hello there!I honestly feel like the last few days have been imprecise hence I gave my self time to get my inspiration back. Inarguably,the support I get from you guys keeps me enlivened and  I am thankful for your patience:)

Continue reading

Viva Roma


Buongiorno!So after giving myself a month break,I am back in Nairobi from one of the most thrilling adventure escapes of this year in Italy.It is encouraging to see the weather here all  warmed up  and so what better way to start this new month than with  a quick outfit post. Continue reading


IMG_9255 (2)

I know,I know it has been a minute.So anyway,just a quick outfit post on a piece I am certain I mentioned a while back(HERE) that I was obsessed with and couldn’t wait to get my own.The lovely Tulle Skirt. Continue reading



Endearment doesn’t even begin to describe what this ensemble made me feel.It’s funny how you can have so many pieces lying around your closet and all you have to do is cut through the clutter and simply recreate an old look. Continue reading