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Glory Galore

I made it a mission to get more loose-fitting pants and temporarily drift away from jeans which are my nom nom without compromising comfort. Continue reading

Trick Or Treat(Halloween Edition)

Creeping on you like>>Trick or treat,be so sweet!!.How’ve you been,this Halloween!! Continue reading

My shades of Ebony!


For a girl who recently started getting  interested in make up but felt very intimidated by all the products out there,I can’t say I have ever had the chance to feel what it was like to have a fully beat face and nonetheless get that heightened confidence. Continue reading

Hints Of Prints:)


 Two words….1)Prints!..2)Obsessed!…I have been raving about them for a while now and I think it’s clear that I have the biggest craze for any print piece.Maybe I’m just having a moment and it will pass,but so far,I honestly can’t seem to get enough of the staple. Continue reading



Besides lazing around and pretty much playing catch up with Movies and forgotten series,I have been adding an influx of activities to carry out and keep my head rolling back into blogging. Thank you all for the patience and I must admit that It feels great to be back at it again with the white vans.Haha!

Continue reading