Utterly Dungaree!

Once anĀ  integral staple in our childhood,the dungaree/overalls look like they are not going anywhere.It is a very versatile ,flattering and an easy look to pull off both in the warm and cooler seasons.It is somewhat ridiculous to think that an outfit your 5-year-old self would squeal over is one you are now meant to dress in an “adult-way”. Continue reading

Kitenge Fervor

The cob webs here are daunting but I am still willing to scrape them all off and share with you if you don’t already know what I was up to the last 3 months.If you know me then you know I love seeking ways of expressing my unspoken thoughts and continue inspiring anyone the best way I can. Continue reading

Dubai In My Eyes!!

Hello there,this post is definitely way overdue but my site has been down for reasons I will explain in the next post coming up tomorrow.Let me take this time to appreciate a city I set my heart on exploring for a long time and I happily ticked it off my bucket list last month.Dubai! Continue reading

Beret life

Happy,Happy,Happy new month,I know how dauntingly quiet I have been but it is all for a good thing.I have really devoted myself to an upcoming project I can’t wait to share with you all in due time but for now let me sincerely apologize for the uncalled for hiatus. Continue reading

Shades For Days X Beautyclick

Getting the right lipstick shade depending on your personal preference is a journey of all sorts,one that requires a lot of swatches.Sometimes it doesn’t go well because you can end up purchasing a shade you thought suits you only to find out it doesn’t. Continue reading